2/15/2015 Grace: Never Fall Backwards Into Legalism Galatians 1:6-10 1. How would you explain the gospel to someone who asked?
2. Why will understanding the true gospel produce anger and false gospels and a need to contend for truth?
3. Which of the 3 modern forms of could you or your church most easily fall for?
2/8/2015 Grace To You 1 Timothy 1:1-5 Pastor David Siow Coming Soon
2/1/2015 Guarding Your Traditions 2 Timothy 1:3-14 Pastor David Siow Coming Soon
1/25/2015 To Find Our Purpose Pastor David Siow “The Focus”
1/18/2015 Coming Soon
1/11/2015 I Have Decided to Focus on Relationships Pastor David Siow Coming Soon 1. “You are the sum total of all your relationships!” Thoughts about this?
2. In 2015, is there one relationship you want to nurture, restore, severe, or initiate? What are some potential excuses? How would your life change if you are successful?
1/4/2015 One Thing Pastor David Siow Coming Soon 1. What is one thing you want to achieve this year that will make your life better?
2. What are the distractions you will have to get rid of in order to achieve it?
3. Explain why the presence of Christ is necessary for you to succeed.
12/28/2014 Living Beyond Christmas Eve: From Silent Night to One Earth Peace Pastor David Siow Coming Soon 1. How can remembering the circumstances surrounding Christmas Eve comfort you?
2. Discuss “Peace on Earth” and “On Earth Peace” and its relevance for you.
12/21/2014 Risky Business Ezra 8:21-23 Pastor Solomon Li Coming Soon 1. Ezra is called to be the pastor of the Jews, why is he anxious? Do you find yourself anxious because of the weight of expectations?
2. Ezra broke the first rule of pastoring because his priorities were clouded. Does that happen to you? What do you do when that happens?
3. Jesus gives us abounding grace through the cross, but how does he alleviate our anxiety? How does the gospel “reset” our hearts?
12/14/14 The Art of God Isaiah 64:8 Curtis Chinn Coming Soon 1. What way, if any, has art has touched you? Can you explain how?
2. In what ways has God communicated his love to you (other than words)?
3. What gift/skill has God given you that you can use to share his love?